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Bledian Leka - 30 år - Olie- og gasteknologi

Det vil jeg forandre

I want to create a society where engineering will be praised and people of all ages are encouraged to think and act scientifically - and if not that, then at least a world where no one is afraid to use their head and their hands.

Derfor valgte jeg en ingeniøruddannelse

This might come off as idealistic, and to be honest, aren’t that what dreams are for? Anyhow, I chose “Olie- og gasteknologi” because I wanted to find (and still do) answers to life’s real problems through science and focused study. I want to get to know myself better while also learning a valuable trade that can benefit me and, hopefully, others in the future.

Det bedste ved min uddannelse

The best thing about studying engineering is that you’re at the forefront of innovation. It’s your responsibility to solve whatever problems you’re faced with, and when you do it well, you actively contribute to society. It means the work you do matters to more people than just yourself, and more than just share your passion with the rest of the world, you get to go home in the evening knowing that you’ve made a difference. That, really, is a rare thing.

Fremtidsmulighederne med min uddannelse

As a drilling engineer, and for me personally, the ideal career would probably be on an offshore platform in the wild North Sea. I’ve always loved the smell of the sea. Is that too clichéd a thing to say? Either way, it’s true. There’s something undeniably special about the fusion of nature and machines.

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