Karthik Vasudevan

Tilbage til søgesiden

Karthik Vasudevan - 33 år - Mechanical Engineering

Det vil jeg forandre

Being human we are always bound to make mistakes; My learning curve has been strong due to the freedom to make mistakes which has lead to innovative solutions. My Position at Vestas R&D helps me build a smarter and peaceful environment for all on a daily basis.

Derfor valgte jeg en ingeniøruddannelse 

Being curious and inquisitive by nature, I became interested in the field of engineering. Complex problems require creative solutions; I always wanted to apply my ideas to solve real time problems.

Det bedste ved min uddannelse

You are part of shaping the society's development and help evolve the current infrastructure and create new products. The engineering program opens up new opportunities to explore your capabilities in innovation.

Fremtidsmulighederne med min uddannelse

The journey with engineering is fascinating so far for myself. My engineering skills comes handy to make the quality of life better. The skills you gain can be used in a wide range of careers and industries. My potential career paths being a mechanical engineer is also vast few to mention. Space Travel/Rocket science, Automation in all the engineering fields, Control objects using Artificial intelligence etc.

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