Stefan Costin

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Stefan Costin - 28 år - Mekatronik

Det vil jeg forandre

It’s the small parts that fascinate me the most. I like to play with microcontrollers, to fashion and calibrate them just right and watch them move parts far bigger than themselves. It really is true, you know. It’s the small stuff that matters.

Derfor valgte jeg en ingeniøruddannelse

I chose mekatronik because I’ve always been good with my hands and had a knack for building stuff. And I love to design and develop new things. When I’m done with a new project and while I’m working on it, I can see the progress right there in front of me.

Det bedste ved min uddannelse

One thing that (at least in an ideal world) is true of most universities and educations is that they’re hubs for knowledge. The potential for sharing insight and know-how is unparalleled. And add to that a teaching-philosophy and student-mentality where group work and camaraderie is actively encouraged, and you have yourself a place of actual literal wonder. I think that’s the best part of it all - you learn not only from the books and the lectures but also (and sometimes especially) from your fellow students and friends.

Fremtidsmulighederne med min uddannelse

When you study mekatronik, you work with both mechanics and electronics. In that sense, it’s a combined education where you get to build stuff as well as write code. And this combination opens many doors for you. You can find work in the oil-industry, or you can work with robots or windmills or energy in general. The options are mostly limited only by your imagination.

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